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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Art Features

I absolutely love seeing my characters drawn by other artist's in his/her own unique style.
I find it really motivating for me to continue with whatever project the characters might be in.

So here we have some amazing illustrations of my characters done by other artists.
I will update with new blog entries as more art pieces come in (and hopefully they will)!

Most of these pieces were commissioned and one was a wonderful fanart~!

Please enjoy and check out each artist's artwork!

Andrea - A commissioned piece drawn for me by Zet. I love his original style as seen in his webcomic "Supernormal Step" and when I saw he had commissions open I thought I would treat myself to some great artwork!
Please check out Zet's Deviantart
As well as his highly addictive webcomic Supernormal Step

Nathalie - This piece was a wonderful surprise drawn by the lovely LeeshMae. I just popped on Deviantart one day and there it was in my inbox! Safe to say I was overjoyed to see Nathalie drawn in LeeshMae's amazing and totally unique style!
Please check out LeeshMae's Deviantart

Jacob - A commissioned piece by Veroro. I was first introduced to her artwork on an oekaki board back in highschool. It's been amazing to see her art style transform and mature- when I noticed her commissions were open I dove right in for a chibi commission. I knew exactly who I wanted to see her draw too, it had to be Jacob!
Please check out Veroro's Deviantart

Andrea, Jacob and Nathlie - In the adorable, traditional chibi stylings of Caden13. I am a big fan of Caden13's work, I have commissioned and took part in art trades with her in the past and she always pleases!
I especially adore the personality in this piece, you can really tell what kind of characters these guys are, haha.
Please check out Caden13's Deviantart

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