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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A friendly reminder

Today I flipped through my DA gallery and saw my Sock Drawer comics 1 and 2- I got all happy, nostalgic (even though it was just a few months ago) and inspired.

SO. Once I'm done commissions I'm going to start seriously working on the story, script, comic, character designs and all that. I have 3 commissions left, so stay tuned!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Sock Drawer is on a temporary Hiatus!

There are some design/story aspects that I want to get the kinks out of before I continue.

Thank you for your patience and love so far!
I really appreciate it! :]

In the mean time enjoy this CYMK-inspired illustration of Nathalie.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Art Features

I absolutely love seeing my characters drawn by other artist's in his/her own unique style.
I find it really motivating for me to continue with whatever project the characters might be in.

So here we have some amazing illustrations of my characters done by other artists.
I will update with new blog entries as more art pieces come in (and hopefully they will)!

Most of these pieces were commissioned and one was a wonderful fanart~!

Please enjoy and check out each artist's artwork!

Andrea - A commissioned piece drawn for me by Zet. I love his original style as seen in his webcomic "Supernormal Step" and when I saw he had commissions open I thought I would treat myself to some great artwork!
Please check out Zet's Deviantart
As well as his highly addictive webcomic Supernormal Step

Nathalie - This piece was a wonderful surprise drawn by the lovely LeeshMae. I just popped on Deviantart one day and there it was in my inbox! Safe to say I was overjoyed to see Nathalie drawn in LeeshMae's amazing and totally unique style!
Please check out LeeshMae's Deviantart

Jacob - A commissioned piece by Veroro. I was first introduced to her artwork on an oekaki board back in highschool. It's been amazing to see her art style transform and mature- when I noticed her commissions were open I dove right in for a chibi commission. I knew exactly who I wanted to see her draw too, it had to be Jacob!
Please check out Veroro's Deviantart

Andrea, Jacob and Nathlie - In the adorable, traditional chibi stylings of Caden13. I am a big fan of Caden13's work, I have commissioned and took part in art trades with her in the past and she always pleases!
I especially adore the personality in this piece, you can really tell what kind of characters these guys are, haha.
Please check out Caden13's Deviantart

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Character Designs

Reference sheets of some of the main characters!
There will be more character sheets coming- but I don't want to spoil any of the story by posting character sheets for secret characters~!


While creating Andrea and Jacob Collins I did a few mini comics/drawings of them and how they would interact.
This helped me figure out physical things like their sibbling similarities, scale and what kind of facial features I can make them do.
It also helped me figure out what kind of people they are and what kind of relationship they have.

My first mini comic with Jacob and Andrea. I really wanted to test their relationship. I thought "What is one of the worst things a sister could make a brother do?" and this is what came out of it. Jacob is such a good little brother!

This little illustration is an unlikely scenario. Andrea is too strong of a personality to actually let this happen and likely not physically strong enough. I wanted to test comical facial features. Taken from my cell phone camera- please excuse the crappy quality.
Andrea (thinking): "How did this happen?"

Again crappy cell phone quality, I believe part of the image was cropped when I took the picture. Oops.
Its a day at the beach for Andrea and Jacob and Andrea has attracted some attention. on the far right side of the picture (the part that got cut off) there was a group of adoring men.
Again, I wanted to test the relationship between the twins- Jacob, although quiet, timid and peaceful is still very protective.

A made up scenario of when Nathalie meets Jacob. It's not actually going to happen like this, but I wanted to show the potential love-at-first-site the two may experience. This is an early, smaller more conservative version of Nathalie.
Andrea: "Oh Jake! I'd like you to meet my friend Nathalie!"
Nathalie: "Hey..."
Jacob: "H-hi..."